Tom Petty Windflowers cover

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Tom Petty Windflowers cover

Post by philipgoetz » Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:38 pm

I played guitar and sang. I recorded to a Zoom H4n using two mics. Vocal was a Shure SM48 the instrument was a Shure PG47. Yes. These are both $40 mics. I set up the Zoom to NOT have 1 and 2 linked so that one was panned right and the other panned left. I put this audio file into an iMac and then connected a keyboard to the Zoom. This connection was 1/4". I played the track I recorded and added some piano chords. I think the keyboard selected on the keyboard was 'honky tonk piano". I went through again and set the keyboard to 'fingered bass" and added single note at a time bass notes. I then had three audio files, one stereo and two mono and I put them into Adobe Audition and lined them up. Audition can be set up in multitrack mode. This is essentially the same way I used to record on a Fostex XR5 four track tape recorder. I am not too good with multitrack recording in Garageband or directly into Adobe Audition yet... so this was my round about way to work. It turned out ok.

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Re: Tom Petty Windflowers cover

Post by drumsound » Sun Apr 14, 2019 9:35 am

It seems to me that taking an afternoon to learn more about Audition and/or Grargeband would really streamline your process.

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