MXR DynaComp issue in Logic Pro X

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Re: MXR DynaComp issue in Logic Pro X

Post by Scodiddly » Wed May 13, 2020 1:47 pm

Here's a dumb idea.

Use a noise gate in your DAW, and give it a slow attack.

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Re: MXR DynaComp issue in Logic Pro X

Post by vvv » Thu May 14, 2020 10:50 am

Not transformer-based but likely usable (worked for me) would be the starved-plate tube Studio Projects VTB1, and Bellari MP105 pre's - you can get 'em around US$50.00
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Re: MXR DynaComp issue in Logic Pro X

Post by akpasta » Mon May 25, 2020 9:06 am

So I thought I'd issue a little update see if it sparked any other advice. The issue forced me to learn to "properly" use the gain and limiter plugins. Basically I start with a relatively low signal (-20 to -30) for lots of limiting headroom. Then I'll use a Gain and then Limiter first thing. Gain to boost the signal to something the limiter can handle, and the limiter to kill the spike. Then I send the signal through pedals and effects to an amp, and then out to EQ and Compressor. At the end, I'll add one more limiter stage to eliminate other spikes created by more compression/effects plug-ins, and finally a Gain plug-in at the end to bring things back up to the level I need.

The whole thing looks a bit excessive on the board, an extra 4 plugins, but it's the only way I can find to eliminate the compressor volume spikes. I suppose I could think of them as adding digital transistors in my fake analog signal chain, which is a lot cheaper than sourcing gear to put between my guitar and interface to do the same thing.

Ultimately I sure would like to find that gear to give the interface exactly the signal I want!!!

*One question, I notice you cannot use a Limiter plug-in when you are playing live, it always grays out. Is that correct?

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Re: MXR DynaComp issue in Logic Pro X

Post by digitaldrummer » Mon May 25, 2020 1:12 pm

instead of 4 plugins, you might also just try an amp simulator. you don't have to go full metal oblivion. amp sims can do clean too, but you might get that limiting that is inherent to the amp/speaker output, that you are looking for? Some amps sims (like Amplitube) have a bunch of virtual pedals too. most plugins out there will give you 10-15 days to try them, so try some. if they don't work, try another.

if you are totally against plugins, then maybe try a Line6 pod (I have one of the old kidney bean shaped Pod 2.0 - they go for about $50 or less these days). It's not a plugin, but its not an amp either... it models like a plugin, but less flexible cause it's 20 years old...
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