teac 144 portastudio

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teac 144 portastudio

Post by arkestra » Fri May 14, 2004 1:06 pm

hi I just got an old teac/tascam 144 4 track (porta studio style). The mechanical part of the deck almost works. it attempts to play the tape but there is a white roller without any rubber on it that controlls wether the tape goes foreward or rewind by moving between the capstans. this does not have sufficient friction with the drive wheel to keep it turning. Has anyone ever used a rubber re grip compound? how does it work? also, what is a good place to get tires and belts? also, if anyone has a repair/owners manual I would send you some cash for a copy

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Re: teac 144 portastudio

Post by nick_a » Sat May 15, 2004 1:06 am

hey man. i happened to get one of these that works like a charm. and it came with the schematics. pm me if you're interested in a copy of 'em....otherwise, good luck! it's the best-sounding 4-track i've heard.


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