Quick Answer Needed

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Quick Answer Needed

Post by Mark » Sun Dec 19, 2004 4:19 am

What's a typical low budget home recording set up that most people would have?

I'm assuming we're talking mics - mixer/pre amp - soundcard - software , and then back out through some kind of cheap powered monitors.

Give me some names.

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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by andyg666 » Sun Dec 19, 2004 9:00 am

low budget setup for computer based home recording ...

mixer/preamps -- mackie 1202 or 1402. or something simmilar

mics -- shure sm-57, sm-58, chinese large-diaphragm condensor of some sort (MXL), rode nt1, cheap-o small diaphragm condensor

soundcard/software -- mac: mbox or used digi001/protools. PC: m-audio audiophile 24/96, delta 1010, event layla / cool edit pro (adobe audition).

powered monitors -- event tuned reference tr-5 (or tr-6 if you have the room), m-audio bx-5, m-audio LX4 2.1 System

this is sorta low budget but at the same time would cost a few grand and we haven't even talked about the computer yet...

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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by 8th_note » Sun Dec 19, 2004 2:33 pm

I'm not sure what you mean by low budget but I'll bet I have as typical a modest budget home recording setup as you will find:

Mackie 1642 VLZ Mixer
M-Audio Delta 1010 Card and Box (8 channels)
Home built PC with ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Board, Athlon 2200, 1GB ram
Software: N-Track Studio
Polk Audio RTi 38 speakers as monitors with an old Cerwin Vega subwoofer
Onkyo integrated amp that I got on ebay
SAE equalizer to EQ the monitor setup to get a representative sound
LDC mics: MXL 2001, Oktava 319, Groove Tubes AMT 11
SDC mics: Audio Technica MB4000 (2), Audio Technica Pro 37R (2), MXL 603
Dynamic Mics: Audio Technica MB2000 (4), Shure SM 57, Audio Technica MB 1000, Audio Technica ATM63HE, Audio Technica drum mic set (4), Audio Technica DR140 (3), Audio-Technica Pro25 kick drum mic
Mic Preamps: Presonus BlueTube

Hope this helps.....

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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by lancebug » Sun Dec 19, 2004 8:32 pm

Ultra ultra low budget you can skip the mixer and just do 2 channels in throught the interface of your choice. The mbox, mackie spike and tascam US122 all have mic pres/di's as part of the a/d/a converter and sure there are others. Throw in a couple mics and monitors plus a computer compatible with one of the interfaces and it is concievable you could get near $1000 for evrything minus the computer. Make sure the computer has 2 hard drives if you want it to be stable though.

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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by gabriel » Sun Dec 19, 2004 10:48 pm

Ok, this is going to make you cringe but it's what I started with so I figure it applies.

Powerbook G4 (most expensive part, but you probably already have a computer)
ProTools Free (Free, obviously, but at this point it only runs on OS 9)
Griffin USB iMic (little USB audio adapter, costs about $30)
Midiman 2-channel mic preamp (maybe not made anymore, cost under $100 I think)
SM-57, couple of cables/adapters, headphones, and you're good to go!

Now just learn to live with the fact that you have to manually shift each track you record for a seemingly random amount of USB latency, and that you only have 8 tracks to begin with, and you're magically transported to the exciting beginning of my home recording adventure! Thankfully, things have gotten a lot better since then...

But seriously, you should try to come up with an actual figure for your budget instead of just "low budget" because everyone has a different idea of what that means.

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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by vvv » Mon Dec 20, 2004 11:33 am

An all-in-one unit, like the Boss BR8 or Roland 840, can be found for a couple-400 US$. (16 bit, 44.1kHz, ZIP drive)

Then, with a cheap used computer, Mackie's Traktion (free right now), Pro Tools free (OS9 or Win98), or Audacity, etc. (you said software, therefore...) and an SM 58...

Well, that's about how I started out, after having a Porta 1 and then a Tascam cassette 8-track with a used Alesis 12 ch. mixer.
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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by I'm Painting Again » Mon Dec 20, 2004 1:18 pm

since your in England..a soundcraft board would make more sense than a Mackie..they sound better and are probably more common..

then some mics..shure sm57..sennheiser 421..shure ksm27..shure sm7..electrovoice re20..audio technica 5050, 4047, 4060..

recording format could be a computer..MOTU and M-audio and RME and Protools digi001 and 002..have ok-good reputations..

or reel to reel 8b track..like the otari mx5050mk3 1"-8

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Re: Quick Answer Needed

Post by jajjguy » Mon Dec 20, 2004 8:01 pm

sm58 and tascam 424, anyone?

if you've got a computer, then use protools free (or audacity, or something else) and record through the built-in mic input (griffin imic if your computer has no mic input). upgrade with some kind of a separate mic preamp (such as mackie 1202 or audiobuddy, etc.), or maybe a USB or firewire preamp-converter-interface. sky's the limit from there.


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