just ordered - shure sm7 and ev 635

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Re: just ordered - shure sm7 and ev 635

Post by djdrake13 » Tue Jan 25, 2005 6:25 am

Oh, I didn't know that about the re50's. thanks for the info.
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Re: just ordered - shure sm7 and ev 635

Post by hank hill » Mon Jan 31, 2005 10:49 pm


Ordered the SM7 and the 635 last Monday afternoon. They arrived today. I miced up my Vox Pathfinder and noodled a bit. First was the 635 into a UA m-610. In the 25 minutes I messed around with it it seemed like it sounded great. I think it might be what I've been looking for. I'll know for sure after a few dozen hours of experimenting, but my first impression is that what you hear in the room is what will end up on tape, err.. or disc. I noticed that instantly and that REALLY excites me!!. I just haphazzardly stuck it a few inches in front of the grille and didn't really spend any time dialing in a sound. I was going for a "lets see what this thing sounds like right out of the box" type of listening test. (That and I was in a hurry because I really wanted to go buy some sushi). I swapped out the 635 for the sm7 and only noodled for a few minutes. It sounded real throaty and huge. Almost as if I had the Pathfinder plugged into a bigger cabinet, but at the same time retaining its orginal tone. Big and throaty is what I want on vocals so, again, I'm real excited if it did it for gutiar even. I'm tracking some vocals tommorow night so I'll be sure to throw up that sm-7 right away.

On a side note... if anybody is looking for a cool little guitar amp to have at your house and jam along to music choice or music videos or whatever... this thing is really turning out to be ALOT of fun...

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Re: just ordered - shure sm7 and ev 635

Post by Professor » Mon Jan 31, 2005 11:13 pm

I haven't done much with the 635, but I have two SM7s and two RE20s in the cabinet, and they are the two dynamic mics that come out of the cabinet first and most often. Typically, if one isn't the right choice, the other one is. Both need a lot of gain, but are pretty forgiving otherwise as far as preamps go. They are really nice on clean solid-state.
Nice thing on the SM7 is that the top end is clear without being bright. I was actually just describing the mic to a student a few hours ago because he had seen me use it recently on trombones for a big band recording (two bones for each SM7), and then a few days later on a trumpet in a jazz combo recording.
I explained that the trombones needed a mic that could catch the low bottom end, but still give a top that would sound brassy. Not harsh, or scratchy, but brassy. And while I used 57s on the trumpets for the big band recording I chose the SM7 for the solo trumpet in the jazz combo because it could take the SPL, and it could deliver a clear top end from the player's silver horn without getting as shrill or edgy as a 57 would.

But you might not record a lot of horns. But try your SM7 on kick drums, floor toms, bass cabinets, and live male vocals. Seriously, this mic is incredible in live settings - unless your singer wants to hold the mic. But if you have a guitarist/singer that leaves the mic on the stand, put him on the 7. It will only need a little more gain, but it will sound ridiculous, and will be all but immune to feedback. Really, you can pretty much point the mic at the speaker and not get feedback - that's built into the design for broadcast studios. It's pretty rare that I reach for it on studio vocals, but that's because I've got a lot of other choices in the studio.
Oh, and I've found that I prefer to have the yoke reversed. It seems like a pretty insignificant thing, but I much prefer it flipped around to the other side with less strain on the wire. There are instructions on this, and it is a bit of a bitch to get it apart and back together - with lots of little washers and stuff.


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Re: just ordered - shure sm7 and ev 635

Post by bigtoe » Tue Feb 01, 2005 5:21 am

ooooo try em together! Huge guitar with the SM7 close and the 635 getting the slap from a room. yikes.

just did an SM7 on tenor... acceptible and easy set up. for some reason not as much bottom as i'd like...has that 57 upper-mid to it too...



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