Crazy-looking Philips(?) desk on ebay..

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Crazy-looking Philips(?) desk on ebay..

Post by teamdresch » Fri Feb 04, 2005 6:50 am

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Re: Crazy-looking Philips(?) desk on ebay..

Post by joeysimms » Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:05 am

"Assistance, I is withstanding tropical conditions, feels me however somewhat broken and does not want yet in the museum!

Is offered a mixer inclusive manual and connection diagram completely developed in small modules, which were built for 1973 from the company Philips according to the German broadcast standard and in Punkto sound quality and processing behind the models of Telefunken or Neumann not to hide itself did not have. The ex-factory price amounted to at that time 100,000 DM. The predecessor model of this desk was inserted e.g. use the CCH in Hamburg. This desk was over years in a large theatre in Hamburg in the use. The desk is not complete, the separate power pack is defective, the mixer functioned up to the end of the power pack, can however now no more not be examined and therefore than defectively at amateur handicraftsmen is sold.

And ask only at Selbstabholer. The modules can be acquired or sent away not individually! Mass in cm: Mixer: 88 x 80 x 100 (BxTXH) cm: Modules: 4x 9.5 x 12.6 (B X T X H) some modules has the double and/or quadruple width (s. photo) Fader (20 pieces, 130 mm rule way, linear in a range of control of 34 railways (2/3 of the scale length. Total range 85 railways max. Absorption more largely als120 railways): Fadermasse: 4 x 12.6 x 19 cm the desk from small modules exists, can all modules there (altogether approx. 50 pieces!) to be used separately. They are with usual 25pol. D-Sub plugs provided, can be pulled out with a handle and be built as required into 19 tariff Cases.

In the photos you see some modules and Fader (z. part with the label Danner) in developed condition. The modules are operated over 24 V of alternating voltage 800Hz, which is produced by a converter. The converter is provided, likewise unchecked. Note: The mixer is sold without the 14 preamplifiers and the 2 shown loudspeakers. On some the photos are still 5 the preamplifier to see (under the Compressoren Nr.5+6). These are not provided, since all 14 preamplifiers were built into 19 tariff Cases and are already sold. I mention it however nevertheless here, since the other modules can be likewise built into 19 tariff Cases and the same quality as the preamplifiers to have.

In addition later more. Only once the assembly: 14 EQs of basses (60 cycles per second) and heights (10,000 cycles per second) + - 12 railways, 6-fach operational readiness level selector switch (12 railways) very openly and very musical. Completely bypassable. 20 Fader of 130 millimeters of 6 VU meters (announcement -20 railways to +3 railways) p 2 Sends p 20 Inserts p 20 Outs (+6bd symetrisch) to grinding in: 2 FET compressors/2 parametric EQs/2 high/low-pass filters to the 2 compressors: They work like the Urei 1176 with a FET circuit: These two modules run contrary to the other modules over 24 V of DC voltage! 80 mA power input per module. Connection allocation is also here present. The operating temperature is according to manual for all modules about -20 to 75 degrees Celsius and is withstanding tropical conditions thereby. Africa researcher under the Bietern may interest that. Connection-laterally the desk has symetrische cables with XLR sockets and INSERT sockets for the 20 channels, which can be used also as direct outs. Unfortunately the power pack is defective (trafo through-scorched).

To the desk it gives a complete manual and a connection diagram! In the desk the output level is depending upon pick-up either -10 railways or +6db (behind the transducers). The interesting at the desk is that all modules build themselves in principle into 19 tariff Cases (or more broadly) and to cables leave, also the 2 compressors, those with a FET circuit works and the 2 parametric EQs and Hoch/Tiefpassfiler. If one releases in the desk the 25 Poligen D-Sub of microphone preamplifier entrances (thus no module begins) can one there bypasses a D-Sub plug (approx. 1 euro in the specialized trade), on which two pins are bridged, up-set. Then one can attach every other mikrofonvorverstaerker to the XLR entrance (+6 railways), e.g. a TAB V76 V 72 or V376 etc.. Such an amplifier goes through then the Channel EQ, the 130 mm of Fader etc..

Another conceivable employment would be to use the desk than mix down station for a digital photograph system e.g. after the transducers of an interface directly in the EQs and Fader over the Stereosumme and final transducers back into the DAW. As much only once. It is worthwhile itself to make this desk again quick. Only unfortunately I have neither the place nor the possibility for it. I estimate that the individual modules should function so far all, repeat however again: The desk is sold as defective at amateur handicraftsmen.

Only at Selbstabholer. Payment during collection. No dispatch (NO Shipping!) I gave all data after best knowledge and certain. Much fun when offering! Please you consider also my other auctions! The buyer, Ebay fees carries forwarding expenses takes over I! The new your-genuinly prescribes that also private individuals must give a warranty and a right to exchange, unless they exclude this. As a private person I can take over however neither a warranty still another grant right to exchange. As buyers you agree to make in contrast to the new consumer protection law, no use from the new warranty law to. With your requirement delivery you confirm the present Treaty. The data to this description of article were given by me after best knowledge and certain."
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Re: Crazy-looking Philips(?) desk on ebay..

Post by psychicoctopus » Fri Feb 04, 2005 9:26 am

The power supply needs to be 24VAC @ 800 Hz? What's up with that?
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Re: Crazy-looking Philips(?) desk on ebay..

Post by Piotr » Fri Feb 04, 2005 1:03 pm

I want those speakers!!!


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