Ebow Urban Legend

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Ebow Urban Legend

Post by Bwanasonic » Wed Oct 15, 2003 12:10 pm

After reading a post here that an Ebow can damage guitar pickups, I emailed the manufacturers. The reply:

"The EBow produces a very weak magnetic field. Not much more than the field
generated by the strings themselves when a chord is struck. We've had no
reported problems in 27 years."

Just wanted to put this rumor to rest
Kerry M

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Re: Ebow Urban Legend

Post by black mariah » Wed Oct 15, 2003 1:36 pm

Think about it like this. If you take two pickups and stick them together face to face, in about 10 years time one of them MIGHT have a slightly messed up magnetic field. And if using an Ebow still freaks you out, just don't hold it over the pickups. And don't forget the Sustainiac, Fernandez, and Floyd Rose sustainers that are also regular pickups. Using this logic, they would fry themselves very quickly. And eat your vegetables.

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Re: Ebow Urban Legend

Post by stevemoss » Thu Oct 16, 2003 8:14 am

Bingo. If you used something magnetic that was designed to keep the strings from vibrating - something that would fight the pickup's magnets - that would be bad. The E-bow ain't like that; it doesn't fight the pickup.


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