New studio/production spaces in Ridgewood NYC

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New studio/production spaces in Ridgewood NYC

Post by kakumei47 » Tue Jun 22, 2021 1:09 pm

Hi all,

I'm opening a new music building in Ridgewood, Queens next month (July 2021) with my studio partner and some long-time friends. We have two separate sections of the building, one for recording and production spaces and one for rehearsal rooms. Excellent AC and heat, security cameras for common spaces and exterior, Wifi, and the building will be cleaned multiple times a week. My studio partner and I will be there daily as well if things come up.

The studio section is geared towards mix/production work and we have a range of sizes available. Think more or less practice-space type sizes with ~10 ft ceilings, but with far superior construction and no band rehearsals around you:) Two layers of 5/8" drywall with very tight seams and green glue, acoustical caulk on all seams on both layers, rockwool, air gaps between rooms, double-doors, and attention to ducting layout and electrical placement to minimize transmission.
Plus V4.5 of my studio The Civil Defense will be living there so we'll be neighbors:)

We also have a separate end of the building for rehearsal rooms if you're looking for more of a traditional band space. Again, a range of sizes and prices, and much better build than any spaces I've used or been involved in.

My partners and I are all musicians who have been running recording studios and practices spaces across Brooklyn for the last 15-20 years. I'm partnering with Scilabs here, so if you know our practice spaces in Williamsburg and Greenpoint it'll be a similar vibe just a better build.

Open early July 2021!
Right off the Halsey stop on the L.

You can message me here, but for faster responses please contact us by email ( or phone (718-218-5227) for info or to come check it out.
Insta @scilabsmusic

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