Looking for people to play with in Chicago - touch&go-ey

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Looking for people to play with in Chicago - touch&go-ey

Post by cashed checks » Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:21 pm

Looking for people to play with in Chicago - post/punk/hc/noise/touch&go/

i know this a recording board but plenty of people lurk like me. i posted this on the EA board so please look past it's slant.

obligatory list of bands: roky erickson, scratch acid/jesus lizard, giant sand, sabbath, califone, dead meadow, descendents, desert sessions, hot snakes, eodm, elope, fugazi, george harrison, groundhogs, mark lanegan, hendrix, kinks, link wray, velvets/lou reed, melvins, misfits, nirvana, olivia tremor control, sonic youth, iggy pop, wipers, etc etc etc.

the more repulsive sides of those bands.

I'm 28, live in Chicago, and am anxious to either get some people together for a recording project (at EA preferably), start a new band or join up with an existing one. I've been in bands on and off but somewhere along the way all my musician friends went "metal" on me. I've recorded in the past but have never been happy with any of them as they never have sounded like the actual band. EA seems to get that part right. I always thought I would get to make a record there and, as we are so lucky to have it in our city, it's stupid not to take advantage of the opportunity.

Because of said friends going "metal" and not wanting the band to be too cliche punk rock(any and all sub-genres of), I braved craigslist in hopes of finding someone outside our incestuous genepool. What a terrible fucking idea. That place is a black hole of people who haven't gotten over their highschool bands or have never stopped listening to the radio whilst also and having no sense of any kind of music history. It was an experience that made me shelve music for a few months. Every goddamn one of them wants to add 'electronic elements' too as it's the only 'original' thing they can come up with.

After what some would call a nostalgic trip through time (recently watched the minutemen doc, the fugazi doc, read "our band could be your life") coupled with the CL experience, I came back to my "fuck all that" self and remembered why I blew all those people off the first time. that's the last time I give anyone a second chance. I'm posting on this board as I'm a local, long time lurker, and touch&go and chicago indie punk/hc stuff is the center of my playing style (although it's informed by things all across the board from scraping/jazzy scratch acid/jesus lizard stuff to giant sand/califone stuff to link wray garage/surf and on and on). I'm pretty good at coming up with strange parts that still have a "hook" but find myself in ruts when it comes to arranging so hopefully together we can break the box.

Per above documentaries, I'm not narrowed minded about what a "punk" band should sound like. I wish I had that naivety like those coming up in the late 70s/early 80s when you could do anything, and were encouraged to do so. That said, I do have focus and will not be twisting in the wind, not knowing what to play. I know how I like to play and would like to see how it blends with someone else's and what else they can bring out of me. I'm pretty fiercely diy, having printed tshirts for years for local bands, printed record covers, helped with friends labels, etc etc etc.

So... anyone in Chicago willing to help me out, moonlighting for a recording project? looking to add another guitarist who has spent his years accumulating more gear than anyone needs? if not, i do play/write a mean bass(although no amp) and little bit of drums as well if you're looking for a jack of all trades utility guy. music=fun for me so not being in a band means i'm not having any fun.



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