***Bassist & 2nd Guitarist Needed 21-35 Chicago area!!!*

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***Bassist & 2nd Guitarist Needed 21-35 Chicago area!!!*

Post by Dark star Balla » Thu Oct 11, 2007 3:42 pm


We are in need of a bassist & 2nd guitarist 21-35!!! ....
Dark/Melodic not looking for a shredder or someone to solo at 500mph !!!! We need someone with Bg/vocals/Screaming/growling ability also welcome. Who wants/enjoys practicing/jamming, recording and wants to get out
and promote and begin playing soon. We have show offers but
can not except til the line up is solidified. If you are serious and
will be willing to learn the tunes, come out and jam and be
prepared and professional let me know. Please "Do not" contact
us if you will not follow thru. There is enough info in the ads and
on the pages to know if you really want to try us out. So if you're
unsure wait and contact us when you're certain. We have songs
you can hear here.. http://five0six.musicnation.com/bruised .... here
http://www.indiecharts.com/five0six or here...
http://www.MySpace.com/FiVe0SiX Check the blog for full details
and If you're still interested hit us up.. .. Some bands we're "collectively" into are...
Sevendust, Deftones, Living Colour, Nonpoint, Chevelle, Linkin Park, Korn, Mudvayne, Common, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, The Roots, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Donny Hathaway, A Perfect Circle/Tool, System Of A Dowm, Parliment-Funkadelic, GodSmack, Taproot, Ill Nino, Marley, Black Uhuru, 24-7 Spyz Stevie Wonder, Dennis Chambers, Bootsy Collins MudVayne, RHCP, AIC, SHINER, RATM, Audio Slave, Cold and so many many more etc... etc.. but You get the point. FiVe0SixBand@yahoo.com

- Kevin, Ja & Wes
- FiVe 0 SiX

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