Need musicians for paying San Francisco area gigs Oc t23/25

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Need musicians for paying San Francisco area gigs Oc t23/25

Post by Mr. Dipity » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:29 pm

Hello all,

I'm helping organize a conference in San Jose and need to find some compelling, original live musicians for the mixer and the afterparty. Any idea where I should look? :wink:

This is for the Singularity Summit ?08 in October at the Tech museum in San Jose, and one other venue nearby, still to be determined.

It's a paying gig in front of 500+ attendees (last year we have 1,500+, this year the focus is being intentionally narrowed). There will also be a sizeable media presence: previous conferences have had over 15 media teams in attendance including Wired, CNN and the New York Times. Speakers will include Marvin Minksy, Ray Kurzweil (inventor of the sampler) and other really amazing people.

Most of all however, the event has for a profound and consequential purpose that you will want to be involved with. What is "The Singularity"? You can find a brief explanation at my blog here:

The five second version: we are rapidly approaching a period of unimaginable technological growth, which will be brought on by the development of greater-than-human artificial general intelligence. These changes are almost inevitable and will bring with them clear and significant existential threat. Should we overcome this however, we will enter a time of inconceivable promise. This summit is intended to increase awareness and channel resources into work that will shepherd us through this transformative process successfully.

Ideally, we are looking for performers using original technology to perform amazingly beautiful music. It does not preclude any particular form of music making: we are more interested in a >compelling< performances than anything else, though the futurist nature of the conference lend themselves to the electronic end of the spectrum.

We are planning a couple of evening events ? one more subdued and upscale and the other a blow-out party at the end of the event. I?m hoping to find compelling live act for each before filling out the bill with the usual record players.

If you can point me in the direction of musicians that fit this bill, or, if you think you are who we are looking for, please pm me a link to a video of a live performance along with your press kit.


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