Mix room in San Francisco

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Mix room in San Francisco

Post by mwingerski » Sat Jun 05, 2010 6:10 pm

I'm going out on the road for a month in mid july and looking for someone to sublease my mix room while I"m out of town. Also available for day rates.

The gear:
Pro Tools HD2 accel system with a UAD2 quad card (all plug-ins licensed),
LA2A, a couple of Distressors, Crane Song Trakker, Universal Audio 2610, Rupert Neve Portico pre, access to a Bill Putnam designed plate in the closet below, Focal Solo 6be monitors, Argosy desk, a comfy Aeron chair, and a leather couch.

The facility:
Has a great tracking room downstairs (the last Bill Putnam designed room in SF), 2 mastering suites and bitchin espresso machine. All of which are maintained by other engineers.

PM me if you're interested in checking it out.


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