TapeCamp at 1979: Can anyone share their experience?

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TapeCamp at 1979: Can anyone share their experience?

Post by alexdingley » Sun Aug 26, 2018 4:34 pm

Went to Larry Crane’s ‘Jackpot! mixing camp’ in summer 2016, and it was great! Met great people / got some great advice / learned a ton!

Next year, I’m thinking about doing the ‘Welcome To 1979’ Tape Camp.. and I’m curious if anyone has thoughts on what it was like? I’m not planning on leaving the camp and buying a tape machine, but I’m curious to see what kind of improvements I can make to my existing DAW worklflow by learning more in a tape based studio.

If anyone has gone to in the past:
Would you recommend it?
What were your expectations when you went how were they met / how were they not?
What would you suggest to someone else before they attend?

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Re: TapeCamp at 1979: Can anyone share their experience?

Post by Gregg Juke » Thu Sep 06, 2018 8:51 am

My former studio associate went to Tape camp and loved it.

I have not been to Tape Camp (it's on "the list" of to-do's), but I have been to three of Welcome to 1979's Engineer & Producer Recording Summits.
WELL worth the price of admission and travel. I have no doubt Tape Camp is the same, only better (smaller group, more hands on).

Chris Mara runs great programs. He might get you into an R2R machine yet!

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Re: TapeCamp at 1979: Can anyone share their experience?

Post by audiochick » Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:39 pm

I went to a Tape Camp in Minneapolis a handful of years back and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hadn't worked on a tape machine in a while and it was great to get back into it. I also did the extra day focusing on tape machine alignment and would recommend that as well. It brought back some memories of late night tape machine alignments when I interned.

As the OP mentioned, there are a lot of things one can learn from a tape-based workflow that transfer well to working with DAWs - including the alignment bit! The capabilities & limitations of tape definitely brought forth a lot of creative ideas and different ways of working that I keep in mind when I'm working on DAWs.

My main expectations were to refresh my tape skills, learn some new things, and have fun. All three expectations were definitely met. The attendee limit really let everyone have hands-on time. It was really great to learn from Chris. He's a patient teacher and all around good guy!

We didn't have access to vinyl cutting gear so that wasn't part of the workshop, but I've seen this in action too and it'd be well worth it to pick Cameron's brain.

I'm coming to this thread a little late, so the fall Tape Camp is sold out but you should definitely make an effort to make it to the spring Tape Camp!

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