Feeler for new studio building in Greenpoint

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Feeler for new studio building in Greenpoint

Post by kakumei47 » Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:01 pm

Putting out a first feeler for interest in a new space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

We're planning to set up a new studio building in Greenpoint for very early 2019. This floor will only be studios and mix/production rooms. The general concept is to set up a live room shared by several control rooms, and those would start at about 200-220 sq ft, although we can easily work out a plan for bigger rooms. Control rooms will have windows to the outside. Multi-year leases available. We'd deliver basically a box--walls with air gap from other rooms and good multilayer drywall construction with green glue etc. We need more info to see what options are ideal with the existing floors but we can do more extensive construction with floating if desired. If we do the shared live room concept we'd do the internal wall wiring for that.

An additional treatments, booths, etc in your space would be up to you, although we have good contractors if you want for that.

Let me know if you potentially have interest, and let's talk as plans get more finalized!

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