New Swearing At Motorists Album For Free Right Here! On Tour

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New Swearing At Motorists Album For Free Right Here! On Tour

Post by Roman Sokal » Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:00 pm

Subject: New Swearing At Motorists Album For Free Right Here! On Tour In October!

Free Download of Brand New Swearing At Motorists album !

We're really excited to announce the exclusive web-only release of Swearing At Motorists'
"Exile On Gipsstra?e" a 10 song collection of unreleased songs recorded by Dave Doughman
live in an underground train station in Berlin during the making of Last Night Becomes
This Morning. These tracks will be available as free downloads for a limited time during
the month of October while Swearing At Motorists tour the States.

Doughman had the following to say about these songs:
"It was late February 2005, and I had just moved from Philadelphia to Berlin. I was in
the process of mixing the album Last Night Becomes This Morning (released February 2006
on Secretly Canadian). To keep myself from going insane spending all my time at the
mixing console (and to make a little money instead of only spending it), I started taking
my guitar to the Ubahnhof - an underground train station - at the end of my street to
busk. The first night I didn't make much money, but was floored by the huge sound created
in the tube by my unamplified acoustic guitar and voice. So the next night I returned
with my tape machine and 2 microphones, set them up, got good levels, and just let the
tape roll as I busked. I made a little more money that night, but upon returning home and
giving the tape a listen, realized that the trains and passengers were too distracting
from the overall recording. So I started going to the station later, near closing time
(12:30 am), when there are less passengers and 15 minute pauses between trains. After a
few days of this, I was so excited about the sound I was getting, but losing patience
with trying to get as much done as possible in 15 minutes, hoping that passengers coming
and going would be quiet. By this time, I was playing facing the wall with no hat out, to
discourage people from stopping to listen or give me money. I was obsessed with replacing
the studio versions of 3 songs on the album, with versions recorded in the Ubahnhof, as I
felt they better fit into my concept of the record as a film soundtrack. One night I
finally got the courage to wait until the station closed, then climbed over the entrance
gate and hurried down into the tube. I got about an hour of uninterrupted recording in
before the Polizei politely informed me I had to leave. I ended up getting the versions
of "This Is Not How Forever Begins", "Lost Your Wig", and "Ten Dollars" I needed for the
album, and was thrilled at how well they worked in the context of the record. Since Last
Night Becomes This Morning was released, many folks have commented about how much they
love the sound of those 3 songs. That got me thinking it would be interesting to hear how
a whole record culled from all those sessions would sound. I like it and I hope you do,
-Dave Doughman

This album is available for free only while Swearing At Motorists is on the road. You
only have until Election Day.

Swearing At Motorists Tour the East In October.


Swearing at Motorists' Dave Doughman has found a new home in Berlin, Germany, and along
with it a new life as a family-man. Yes, that is right folks, our favorite front man is
going to be a husband and a father. Needless to say this makes touring in the states a
little more difficult. However, Dave has found himself a free month and is now back in
the U S of A, reunited with drummer Joseph Siwinski, and ready to hit the road again as
Swearing At Motorists.

Don't miss this enigmatic front man as he tells you stories of the humor and pain of
living in the modern world, amidst rocker kicks and wild stage performances. You'll be
amazed at how moving two men armed with drums and a guitar can be. Catch them while you
can because Mr. Dave Doughman is now an ex-pat, and it may be a good while before we get
to see Swearing At Motorists perform stateside once again.

Tour Dates:

10/07/06 Dayton, OH - Gilley's
10/10/06 Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop w/ Paper Cranes
10/11/06 Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection w/ Paper Cranes
10/12/06 Chicago, IL - Schuba's w/ Paper Cranes
10/13/06 Columbus, OH - Little Brothers w/ The Wrens
10/14/06 Newport, KY - Southgate House w/ The Wrens
10/15/06 Bloomington, IN - Landlocked Music
10/16/06 Chattanooga, TN - LaMar's
10/18/06 Tampa, FL - New World Brewery w/ New Roman Times
10/19/06 Gainesville, FL - Common Grounds w/ Holopaw
10/20/06 Orlando, FL - AKA Lounge
10/21/06 St. Augustine, FL - Cafe Eleven w/ Holopaw
10/22/06 Mt. Pleasant, SC - Village Tavern
10/24/06 Nashville, TN - Exit / In
10/26/06 Chapel Hill, NC - Local 506 w/ Hudson Bell + Dodo Bird
10/27/06 Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
10/28/06 Allston, MA - Great Scott
10/29/06 Providence, RI - The Century
11/01/06 New York, NY - Fotana's w/ CMJ Showcase Fields of Gaffney
11/02/06 Dayton, OH - Pearl Nite Club

More info on Swearing At Motorists:

Mp3 "Northern Line" from the album "Last Night Becomes This Morning"

Biography: ... ingbio.php

Swearing at Motorists on Myspace:

Press Alcove (photos and album info): ... gpress.php

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