Tascam 238 'Spearmint.....

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Tascam 238 'Spearmint.....

Post by konabuzz » Sun Jul 25, 2010 10:45 pm

Back from the grave, here......consistent lurker/reader, but infrequent poster.

Curious what opinions might sprout concerning this modest effort with my Tascam 238....Mostly interested in thoughts to the production/sound....my playing is meh.....attempting a psych feel, to be sure, but 1'st takes are the order of the day...no patience for retakes. My band is fleshing this out right now...I'm the bass player, but here at home I do all.....except singing....you'll thank me later. Bass, Epiphone Dot thru compressors/delays/tremelo, Ukulele, Cabasa,Guiro. Mixed real time through Allen & Heath board with liberal use of delays/reverbs, etc.

peace and carrots

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