Ordinary Neighbors present "The Necessary Dark"

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Ordinary Neighbors present "The Necessary Dark"

Post by bannerj » Sat Nov 17, 2012 6:10 am

I was tempted to note Tape Op in my 'thanks' space on the liner notes. I've been working on this record slowly and cautiously for some seven years. It documents most of my learning curve in the studio....not that it is any kind of engineering genius.

I want to thank Larry and all those who contribute to Tape Op for sustaining such an inspiring and challenging community.


I started with the basic folks songs and then rediscovered them several times over in the studio. My wife, Susanna is notable as an award winning poet and I just love singing her words. Also, and one of our collaborators, DM Stith, is an Asthmatic Kitty artist and touring musician with Sufjan Stevens. He and my friend Dustin Ragland gave so much to us in this process. It's ended up being a large, full record with lots of ambient layers that we are excited to share.

David Stith is also the art driector for AK. He did our artwork. We are so thankful.


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