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Post by WillMorgan » Sat Mar 15, 2014 11:57 am

Finally got a chance to purchase and listen.

Wow what an effort and what a lot of good work! Sounds great. Up tempo.. Eric you write some great hooks.

Love the horns and Strings.. at times I thought of the English Beat or Long Winters...

"I got Loud and It Got Late" stuck out as being mastered a bit differently from the rest with less compression / bass? Its almost like you mastered it as a single, and it deserves to be a single. A couple moments made me think you could use some vocal lessons and a car commute practice regime ( thats how I put my time in ) so you would hit notes that are lower in your range more solidly..

But overall is great, just had to quibble some!

I look forward to listening to listening to this record more on its rotations through my devices.

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