Best BGV performances of all time?

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Post by percussion boy » Wed May 14, 2014 2:20 pm

Gregg Juke wrote:But to answer your question, and since I've been in a roots reggae mood for a couple of months, I'll throw Peter and Bunny from the Wailers in there as well. They just blended so well and wrote/sang such perfect back-ups/harmonies. I like the I-Threes just fine, but the original Wailers smoke them (and Bunny, as a lead vocalist, was probably the most "American-sounding" soul singer of all three of them).

About this movie-- I've never heard of it. It sounds great; where is it available, Red Box, Netflix??

Roots stuff: Anything the Heptones did in the '70s will tend to be great. That includes albums of theirs like PARTY TIME and COOL RASTA, as well as all the stuff they did as studio vocalists on other people's records . . . Gregory Isaacs' (RIP) MISTER ISAACS is a good example.

Likewise, the Mighty Diamonds are deceptively great as background singes/arrangers on their own prime albums (I NEED A ROOF, etc.). There's an album of theirs from the INNA (sp?) THE YARD series, just vox, acoustic, and hand drums, where you can really hear how nice their vocal ideas can be.

And yeah, Pete and Bunny . . . "Soul Rebel," CATCH A FIRE. Also great is Bunny overdubbing his own background vocals, on his BLACKHEART MAN album. The guy's range is fantastic, he can sing all the parts.

20 FEET is a Netflix stream, if anyone's looking for a fine music doc.
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Post by Gregg Juke » Thu May 15, 2014 3:38 pm

*The Chantells (Jamaica; not the American Chantels or the British Chantelles).

*The Pursuit of Happiness-- great "vox meets rock" concept.

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