An old one... "Big Sur"

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An old one... "Big Sur"

Post by MichaelAlan » Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:59 am

My friend really likes this one I did years ago so I put it up... All I had was the Mbox. I recorded the drums using only 2 mics in the "Recorderman" setup. Everything was done by me even the piano at the end (a cool grand piano from a church I, foolishly, used to attend.) It was written on a trip I had with an ex GF to San Francisco. We drove all the way home on PCH and went through Big Sur, which was amazing but the ocean there was lonely and the cliffs and fog were ominous and surreal...

Edit: Hotrods on the kit all the way! I love those things for some reason... Also, I LOVE recording acoustic bass!!
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