AU3 Live session, synth dream-pop band

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AU3 Live session, synth dream-pop band

Post by ricercar.record » Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:59 am

Newest session was with this synth psychadelic dream-pop band (or whatever you'd call it) here in town I really dig. Pretty happy with how the mix turned out though it becomes more obvious to the active listener the things I have to work around in an 'all in one room' live mix with a louder band, especially on this session where the singer uses pedals on his vocals live... cymbal wash delay lines all in the mix when vocals are in, and the automation I do around that to bring out my actual drum mix more during non vocal sections. Actually really wanted to ask any tricks you guys might have/think of for this besides what I did a lot of, low pass filtering to get the majority of cymbal frequencies out of the vocals, automating this in certain sections to adjust the frequency point, automating vocal compression settings to not react to too much drums, de-esser. Any other ideas? Placing him further away isn't as much of an option when doing video on a limited budget with only a few cameras and still wanting to capture the whole band shot. Mic suggestions? Any other suggestions on the mixing overall? One thing I kind of wish I adjusted a bit more was the Bass eq and volume automation to come out some more/be more present, it's all there and nice and beefy in the low end, but it struggles to be heard on a cell phone which, let's be real, most people would be viewing/listening on. - Recording/Mixing/Producing/DEADfx - Tech for Avenson Audio

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