Whiskey song

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Whiskey song

Post by jhcore » Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:13 pm

I used to post/prowl around here a lot, until my adult life caught up with me and I had to start dealing with the vagaries of middle age (arthritis, unemployment, vacant staring into the void, etc.), but I was able to catch a little recording/mixing work here here and there.

I typically record commando-style--borrowing what I can, then supplementing with what I own--but this is done completely with my own gear. It was done in an industrial space/warehouse, with time and ears given to where the drums should be placed. The drums are recorded Johns/Recorderman-style, along with a room mic in front, and another quite a bit behind. The guitars are a 4-watt Vox with some CAPI input gain growling a bit, and the bass is direct from a head.

In any event, it's a work in progress, and would love to hear any and all feedback!


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