Brundlefly and The Swede's "Pretense"

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Brundlefly and The Swede's "Pretense"

Post by TheSwede » Sat Oct 28, 2017 12:16 pm


Just released our new record and thought I would share to hear what you folks might think...


We are a studio based duo, and by studio, I mean my basement in New Jersey, and various apartments in Utah... and by "duo" I mean to say we play everything- drums, bass, guitar, synths (with the exception of the excellent additions of players who added cello, violin, clarinets, tombone, trumpet, and vibraphone). In addition, we write, perform, record and mix as well. It's probably too many hats...

I'm not quite sure the best way to sum this record up- its ambitious, and ever changing. Our previous record was heavily indebted to Jim O'rourke, and post rock, with a very acoustic based approach... this thing, is... decidedly different. We put down the acoustics, and picked up everything else, it seems.

Tracking had been going on for around three years, and it took about a year to mix. Of course, neither of us is doing this full time, but we didn't want it to sound like we weren't. Though we have some nice enough mics, it was tracked in less than ideal locations, with less than ideal performers (us) in less than ideal amounts of time. Naturally. We are, however, pretty proud of this record, or at least, relieved it's over!

In the first track, you get quite a bit to deal with- lots of guitars, some rather pretty passages of vibraphone/organs/brass, some vocoder and moog bits, and everything else we could throw at it. We hear people whisper "prog" a bunch, but I think that's because we are talking about a side long track with plenty of movement, that doesn't get lost for too long down any particular alley, and doesn't fill space with empty ambiance. No sir, we wanted to take this thing up a notch.

Hope some of you can check it out... I'd be happy to answer any gear/recording questions anybody might have...

Thanks for taking a listen!

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