New album released!

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New album released!

Post by kung_fu_elvis » Fri Nov 03, 2017 8:38 am

Hey Folks... here's one that myself and my band have been working on for about 2 years from start to finish.

Alt-country in a Wilco sort of vein, some glimpses of Tom Petty, Magnolia Electric, and other esoteric influences.

Basement tracked onto a tascam 2488neo. We decided to do a small run of pressed vinyl, which was a good push for me to give extra attention onto lyrics and the songs themselves. It also meant we spent extra time and care finding the 'right' tones and feel for the songs.

Fun stuff/challenges:
Wanted a 12 string electric on a few songs... couldn't put my hands on one in my semi-rural city. Ended up with a E-bay kit and built one. Stays in tune long enough for tracking.

Was given a Hammond home organ, with the small built in Leslie. Speaker was dead. Had to tear into it and replace the speaker, and some minor wiring.

Stereo amping on the title song guitar solo... Two amps setup, signal split by a tuning pedal, distorted chain controlled by a volume pedal. Pair of AT-2020's on each amp.

Trumpet player for the song 'hotel' arrived with his own ribbon mic, fully prepared to have it on the bell of the horn. Mentioned he knew it wasn't good for the mic, but liked the sound... (my ribbon mic was delicately placed at the back of the bathroom for room sound).

Picked up an old 'rogue' lapsteel, learned some basic C6 stuff, enough to fake it through a few songs.

The bass player we ended up bringing in works summers mostly out of town for a paving company... I'd send him rough mixes, so he'd track his bass parts into an interface and laptop in his hotel room at nights, comp his takes, then email WAV files when internet permitted.

Discovering that a cymbal on my drummers kit has a resonance that sounds exactly like feedback... :roll:

Thanks! ... -old-flame

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Re: New album released!

Post by Nick Sevilla » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:19 pm

Realizing vibratory excursions from a paper widget.

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