Compilation Album to help rebuild the Twin Cities (I'm on it!)

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Compilation Album to help rebuild the Twin Cities (I'm on it!)

Post by kayagum » Tue Jun 09, 2020 7:57 pm

Living 3 miles from where George Floyd was murdered, and less than 1 mile from major looting in St Paul, we've been dodging helicopters and reports of unmarked cars (license plates removed) starting fires all over the Twin Cities, in addition to the main action.

Silver lining- a friend of mine and I helped put together a compilation in response to all this, and to fundraise for the rebuilding of the Twin Cities. I will post over in the appropriate forum with the link. I hope you all get to listen to it, and if you're financially able, contribute (100% of the proceeds are going to 2 non profits)

Stay safe everyone! ... inneapolis
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