What I listened to this week

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What I listened to this week

Post by vvv » Thu Jul 09, 2020 11:14 am

OK, what I been listening to this week (a lot, to me, new):

Bully, Feels Like: punky chick-led grunge, she screams some, recorded at Electrical Audio (where the singer, Alicia Bognanno used to work) - drums sound like it 3.5/5

Jason Isbell & 400 Unit, Reunions: wonderful americana from one of the best songwriters going, less focus on sarcasm than McMurtry, folkier than Tweedy, Dave Cobb production 5/5

EOB, Earth: Ed O'Brien of Radiohead - like live, slightly less quirky Radiohead, great sounds and playing 4/5

Parliament, 5 Classic Albums: George & Bootsy, et al. - if you funk, this will 5/5

Graham Central Station, Original Classics: Larry Graham, et al. - if you funk, this will 5/5

Graham Parker & the Rumor: The Parkerilla - an unknown live classic, with a bonus re-mix "Don't Ask Me Questions" 3.5/5

Page & Plant, Walking Into Clarksdale: actually aged pretty well, Albini-recorded recorded at Electrical Audio and sounds like it, noteworthy that Plant did his own vocal effects to tape 3/5

DeJohnette, Grenadier, Medeski, Scofield: sounds like you'd think with these guys, lotsa pop covers 4.5/5

Ghostpoet, I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep: quirky spoken-poetry over hip-hop overtones, some great musicianship, lotsa stops and starts and breakdowns 4.5/5

Steve Earle, So You Wanna Be an Outlaw; I love when Earle goes back to guitar songs, love The Dukes, love this 4.5/5

Drive-By Truckers, The Unraveling: my fave current band, great songs, lotsa sarcasm and politics and wordplay, some good performances but over-produced and thus penalized a point 3.5/5

Lucinda Williams, Good Souls Better Angels: outstanding recording from an artist on an amazing streak, this one is her excellent live band with guitar-heavy arrangements, lotsa politics 5/5

The Replacements, Please to Meet Me (Deluxe): a old fave of past glory, holds up pretty well if dated 3.5/5

Mark Lanegan, Straight songs of Sorrow: prolific as hell in the last few years of his living hell, this is very down, electronic, somehow calm, not a fave 3/5

Bones U.K.: made their pro recording debut a cuppla years ago with Jeff beck, I love this stuff - awesome production and vocals/lyrics, but could utilize the lead guitar more (they are great live, too) 4/5

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: Live at the Royal Albert Hall: it doesn't give an inch, demands you listen to the lyrics with some great playing 4/5

Thalia Zedek Band, Fighting season: former Come (Braman, Come's last bassist is here) front woman with one of the craggiest voices going produced by TOMB's Andy Hong, personal songs mostly of anger and depression, alienation and optimistic defeat - I love it 4.5/5

Screaming Trees, Ocean of Confusion: sort of their greatest hits with rarities, well-mixed and sequenced, a look back at one of the better grunge bands, 4.5/5

The Dream Syndicate, The Universe Inside: quirky psych release with a 21:27 opening jam and only 5 songs in over 50 minutes total, the shortest at 6:56, bonus half-point for balls 4.5/5

The Pixies, Beneath the Eyrie: huge pop production with Black Francis' writing and the band playing in top form, quirky and commercial(!) 4.5/5

I also wartched a QOTSA concert on uchoob from '18.
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