A Day In The Life: Impressions of Pepper.

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A Day In The Life: Impressions of Pepper.

Post by shedshrine » Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:02 pm

A Day In The Life: Impressions of Pepper.
Modern jazzers take these tunes to new interpretations and impressionistic places.
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Oh the joys of describing sound with words. Well, here we go.

Like many of you, when I'm looking for new musical ideas, one thing I like to do is just hit record and practice whatever instrument, usually guitar, ideally lost in the zone for forty minutes or so, then listen back that night, usually at the end of the day with phones before nodding off, or during the commute, or at work if possible. The best parts are when you come up with a cool progression and you hear the struggle to remember how you started it so you can repeat it and lock it in. Those little (or big!) slides to get to the right note and still be in time, or the quick jump to a different string to get that note at the last minute, the "what the hell chord shape was I using" moments...when you hear those back you sometimes want to learn those too because they draw your interest, they keep the groove fresh and involving and keep it from becoming a static loop.

In a similar vein, good jazz seems like the practiced art of that.

Having heard Sgt Pepper a zillion times, it 's really cool to hear keen eared jazz players grab little micro riffs within the originals and just groove on them. It takes these songs in new directions, truly making the songs new yet with a where-have-I-heard-this before vibe. Throw in some modern psychedelic production flourishes. I like this one a lot.

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