Guitar Hero controller for PC

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Guitar Hero controller for PC

Post by Xtulan » Tue Sep 15, 2020 2:00 am

I've been wanting to play this (type of) game for YEARS now. Need a guitar-controller. Don't want to spend too much money (already spent too much...)

I figure one of the 360 guitars will work? Basically any of em that's USB will just show up in windows as a game controller, right?

Does anyone know of a place to buy one of these things for cheap? Surely millions of people have these so they're still making thousands of them? I wouldn't mind a used one either, but think I'd prefer one ain't been heavily used.

I have played Frets On Fire with a keyboard in the past. Would now like to use an actual guitar controller with that, rather than having a go at it w/ the keyboard again. I just got these sweet speakers set up, and now I wanna use em!

So please. Where should I start looking for one of these things?

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