House for sale with a pro audio control room!

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House for sale with a pro audio control room!

Post by kywoman » Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:07 pm

House for sale with a pro audio control room!
Durham, NC, local pickup only :)

Professionally designed and built Music Studio Control Room (Reflection Free Zone) ‘room within a room’ for extremely high sound isolation. Fully independent walls and ceiling and custom-built acoustical devices ensure high sound isolation and extremely detailed / accurate sound response. Each window pane to the backyard is over 3/4” thick with a PVB interlayer for added low frequency isolation. Overbuilt HVAC sound isolation ducting (Rod Gervais design) above the ceiling ensures air flow won't transmit sound. Easy to add mini-split or use ducting take-offs outside the studio to pull air in from another conditioned room. Every mains power receptacle is on isolated ground, and in-floor conduits & boxes allow for high and low voltage runs both within and outside the room. Three independent lighting sections on remote control dimmers create the perfect ambience. Specifically designed acoustic treatments for this studio include nested fractal diffusers, binary diffusion, hangers, and a giant bass trap floor riser. This room aligns with many of the European Broadcast Union’s standards for professional audio control rooms. If not used as a sound studio, it can also function as a great sounding home theater or the ultimate work from home office!

The Neumann 420 speakers with remote amp mounting kit, Sterling mastering desk, rack gear from Foote Control Systems Pendulum Audio API 5500 Goldpoint monitor controller, Gyraf Gyratec G14 GIV, Dangerous BAX, Crane Song HEDD and Lynx Aurora (n) converters, Pendulum OCL-2 and Send n Blend parallel processor, are unfortunately not up for sale at this time.

PM for further details, also 307 November dot com

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