Alesis Ai-3 8 channel ad/da converter

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Alesis Ai-3 8 channel ad/da converter

Post by thebunker » Mon Dec 11, 2006 6:50 am

Easy way to add 8 more channels to a digital rig via lightpipe. In new condition.

here's the info from alesis...

8-Channel 24-Bit A/D/A Connectivity at a Breakthrough Price
The Alesis AI-3? interface offers an affordable solution for conversion between analog and digital audio using the ADAT Optical protocol. With eight analog inputs and outputs, 24-bit digital converters and ADAT Optical digital interface, the AI-3 is perfect for studios that want to form a digital interconnect between recorders, mixers and other compatible tools.

ADAT Digital Interface from the Creators of ADAT
The AI-3 provides eight analog inputs and outputs on balanced 1/4" TRS connectors. These jacks feed 24-bit, 128 times oversampling A/D/A converters, offering a 96dB dynamic range. The digital signal can be routed through the ADAT Optical digital interface into any device that's compatible with the ADAT Optical format. The AI-3 also works in reverse, translating ADAT Optical digital audio signals back to analog with 24-bit precision.

Front Panel Meters and Compact Design
The AI-3's front panel shows signal presence and signal peaks on discrete LEDs for all eight channels. A switch allows for selection between balanced +4dBu and unbalanced -10dBV operation. Another front panel switch allows you to route the ADAT Optical signal through the AI-3 so you can use it in a multi-ADAT system without repatching. The simple rear panel hosts the eight input and eight output jacks, as well as the ADAT Optical interface. With its streamlined design, the AI-3 fits into a single standard 19" equipment rack, saving valuable space in your studio.

ADAT Optical?the World?s Digital Standard
The AI-3 will convert any analog signal to the ADAT Optical digital standard. ADAT Optical is the most widely-used digital interfacing protocol, since it carries eight channels of digital audio at up to 24-bits of resolution using a compact, inexpensive fiberoptic cable.

In addition to several Alesis products, nearly every digital mixer offers ADAT Optical as a standard or optional interface, so the AI-3 may be used to add analog inputs and outputs to consoles from manufacturers such as Yamaha?, Ramsa?, Spirit?, Mackie? and others.

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Post by mingus2112 » Mon Dec 11, 2006 8:25 am

how much?

steve albini likes it
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Post by jrepro » Mon Dec 11, 2006 9:28 am

PM sent

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