FS: MiJam Drummer drum sticks. $15 shipped.

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FS: MiJam Drummer drum sticks. $15 shipped.

Post by nlmd311 » Fri Mar 30, 2007 9:19 am

Hey guys,
My sister-in-law bought these for me for Christmas this year. I thought they were pretty cool because I used to have these things called "hit sticks" when I was little that were totally rad and these reminded me of them. Well, the novelty kind of wore off. They've been sitting on the shelf since I've taken them out of the package. I just like my real drums better. I can provide pictures if anyone is interested.
They are identical to these:

http://www.b2stuf.com/main/product_deta ... sticks.htm

The cool thing is that they have an 1/8" stereo jack built in so you can play them along with your iPod, home stereo, through headphones, or patch into your recorder of choice lay down some drum sounds.

They might also be fun to circuit bend.

Does $15 shipped sound fair?

I can provide my eBay username if you'd like to check out my feedback (225+, 100% positive) or you can search through the forum here and see what I've sold in the past.


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