Masterlink, SG Custom, Smashup, re201...

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Masterlink, SG Custom, Smashup, re201...

Post by penelec » Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:28 pm

Here's some stuff I'm not really using. I figured I'd offer it here first. Prices are firmish. Local pickup is preferred, and by local I mean I'll meet you up to an hour away, if need be. FWIW, I'm an hour north of NYC.

1. Alesis Masterlink. Perfect shape, manuals, prob'ly a little rack rash. Not modded or expanded. $600 shipped.

2. TSR-8 in great shape. In/out pedal included. Heads have minimal wear. I would guess less than 600-700 hours. I'm the original owner and have original box and styrofoam, so I could mail it, but that would be crazy. Demagged and heads cleaned (I'll include the cool pink Tascam head cleaner) after use every time, though I don't clean the rubber, as I've heard horror stories, and the rubber shows no dryness or cracking. It's much safer, I think, to just replace the rubber than chance gooping up the heads. It was calibrated about 1-1/2 year ago (for 456) and scopes great. I'm looking for $600. Hey, I've read every thread about these, and disagree that 38s and Otaris are better. Well, I mean, I've never tried 'em. But Daydream Nation! C'mon! Did I mention rack ears? RACK EARS! ... otostream/

3. Tascam m208 mixer. SOLD. ... 1175885319

4. Space Echo in great shape. I'm the 2nd owner, and have put about 40 hours on it. You might want to get a new tape. But it works like a dream. $400.
5. Smashup and Bitrman, sold together in a rack mount. Brilliant. Nothing better for your next Postal Service cover band gig. ... 1175885336

6. 1979 Gibson SG custom. A beautiful guitar for someone who plays guitar. It is a factory 2nd, due to less-than-perfect headstock inlay (the mop is darker than QC allowed). Also: headstock cracked, repaired and is totally stable. So, I'm not asking $1400, which I think is what it's worth to the collector types. $1100. Oh yeah, plush case. All latches work, no key anywhere. Pics at my Flickr page.

7. Tape Op ribbon. SOLD. ... 1175885369

8. Ampex 601 SOLD. ... 1175885352
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Post by vsr600 » Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:39 pm

pm sent about Tascam m208...

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