TEAC/Tascam Model 15: free to a good home

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TEAC/Tascam Model 15: free to a good home

Post by takeout » Mon Apr 09, 2007 9:02 am

Rescued a few years ago from a radio station in Austin(?). Needed a power supply, which I never got around to building. Now it languishes in my garage.

I gather the mic pres have transformers on the inputs. It's in great shape with the exception of needing a thorough cleaning, and could be a cool project for someone with decent soldering skills. It's also heavy as hell. You'll need a van or pickup. Kansas City area - come and get it.

No, I will not ship. Don't even ask.

Email: chriswagner @t gmail d0t com. Don't bother with PM; I don't check it very often.

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