WTT Fender Twin for Vox Head

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WTT Fender Twin for Vox Head

Post by traveen » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:13 am

I have a '65 Fender Twin reissue that I'd like to trade for a Vox all tube head. Not sure of all the Vox models that are all tube other than AC30 or 15.

I have the footswitch for the Fender and replaced the tubes (all of them) last year.

The Fender is getting too heavy or rather, I'm getting too old. Either way, it hurts.. I already have a Vox 212 cabinet on wheels so I thought a head would do good for that.

I would consider a Vox combo though it it's lighter than the Twin. Maybe anyway for a change of sound and then I could sell the cabinet..

Would probably need to be within driving distance of Grand Rapids, Michigan as we'd both probably want to hear the others' amp.
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