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FS: Monitors, interface, pres, synth

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 11:00 am
by trashy
Tax refund burning a whole in yer poket? Well then help me pay my taxes! And get cool stuff!!!

M-audio BX5a (powered) These monitors are rad; I just don't need them anymore due to new living arraignments. $210 shipped.

ART Dual MP - This is a two channel pre, but one of the channels is out. I tried replacing the tube for that channel - didn't work... so, that's the extent of my fix it skillz. Hella. It's a nice one channel pre now. $70, shipped.

Focusrite Penta - this is a weird piece. One channel pre coupled with a two-channel compressor. But there are l/r direct inputs for the comp, so you basically get a stereo compressor. The pre is a little too clear for my taste, but the direct in is pretty good, and I really, really like the compressor. Very opto-y. I have the instruction manual... I think. $230, shipped.

MOTU 1224 & PCI-324 - a great 8 channel interface. The headphone jack doesn't work for some reason. I dunno. I'm not the only one who's had problems with the 1224's headphone jack. Stupid unicorn. Anyway, I now record to laptop, so this isn't helping me any. The PCI-324 is the interface card for your computer. When I bought this piece there was much talk on the internet about it not working in OS X, but I used it in OS X just fine. I love this interface. Anyway, the interface, the card, and the cable - $245 shipped.

Alesis Micron cool little synth. I have absolutely no use for this and I don't know why I ever bought it. It's really awesome though, and if I had a band or liked to make solo electronic music I'd keep it. 200 shipped.

I might be willing to take offers on this stuff - but I need cash, so don't offer me things like other musical equipment, drugs, or your little sister. Okay, I might take your little sister, but only because I know a guy who can get me cash on the barrel-head for a solid female.

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2008 6:03 pm
by Milkmansound
good price on that micron. I am going to email a friend about it.