Grace 101: $425

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Grace 101: $425

Post by A-Barr » Wed Nov 12, 2008 8:22 am

Title pretty much sums it up.

It's an older silver one, the ribbon version. I was assured by my Sweetwater sales rep. at the time that the ribbon version was only different in that it had a bit more gain, which indeed it does.

You can search the forums for opinions on this preamp, but here are mine: It is pristinely clean, has a ton of gain and an imperceptibly low noise level. It's frequency response is very flat and goes very far in both directions: high and low. If I recall correctly, it stays flat down to 7 hertz, which makes its built-in DI work great on bass (very deep sounding) and guitar (very sparkley). As a mic preamp, it picks up detail and texture like no other that I've used, and you will never run out of gain.

I'm in upstate NY, I like to ship via the USPS, and I like to be paid by paypal. And I want to sell this so I can fund an analog synth. :twisted: ...once I convince the wife that there's still room in the house for another piece of gear.



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