cleaning house

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cleaning house

Post by buddy holly » Mon Nov 24, 2008 4:40 pm

Trimming Down a Bit:

5RU rack case: Plantronics mystery box. untested but high quality components (note the BB converter chips and beefy psu). Will gut to taste. $35


'71 Gibson SG Pro: Needs TLC. Like a Standard but with a LP pickguard and P90 p/u's. Bigsby tremolo. Sounds wonderful. Has a set neck and for whatever reason has developed cracks on the body on either side of the neck joint. Also has had some "mods" (hideous pick guard downgrade, set bridge instead of orig Bigsby) done in the past but has been returned to stock. Frets have lots of play wear but still have life. Pics soon, but this is the same model (but not mine) here:


Parting out a Tektronix scope. Lots of pots, switches, knobs, etc coming...

Balanced to Unbalanced converter box: Loaded with 4 UTC (not TRIAD) A-22 Tx's. XLR(F) Input, RCA out. Think it can be reversed. Hammertone grey finish. $65


Yamaha R100 Reverb box. Perfect working order. Easy to use. $40

Coming soon...more guitar stuff, box 'o' tubes, snakes, more connectors...

New Items:

PM1000 Flight Case: Anvil, Foam is shaped to snugly fit the PM1000. All latches solid, has casters that work well. Shows road wear, but functionally very solid. Offers?

Electro-Voice PL-5 (same as 635a): not passing signal. offers?

Ludwig Snare Case: Black molded clamshell kind. Good functional
shape. One "foot" is dented in, but it still stands on its own. $15


Ludwig (Paiste) 16" Crash cymbal: Not sure of age, but looks like an older series. Has a bright, fast sound to it. It has keyholing that has started a crack ~1/2" long but still has a lot of life left in it. $20


Pair 1960's Wharfedale W60 2-way Speakers: Wood cabinets, 12" Woof, 3" hi freq, Has the fancy curved woodwork front (like an old tv set). Great shape and sound awesome, but the hi freq speaker foam surrounds have deteriorated completely. Refoaming is apparantly pretty easy, but I haven't got the time! $60 They look like these: ... 286.c0.m14

Compac Presario PC 3000+ AMD Sempron, 512mb PC2700 DDR SDRAM, 120 GB HD, CDRW/DVD-ROM combo drive, 3 USB, firewire, various memory card inputs. Comes with monitor, keyboard, mouse, XP installed, but no install disk. Was part of a trade. Working condition. Not sure of value. OFFERS?

Ampex 1/4" Tube R2R: Untested, no power cord. Cosmetically good shape. Heavy. Make dirt cheap offer. Shipping could be pricey.

still more to come by the end of the, effects, lots more parts...

Remaining From Last Round:

PM1000 input transformers (3) $20 ea

Other PM1000 parts: just ask & make offer. I don't have any input or master modules, or O/P Txs right now.

Prices + shipping. Will entertain offers and trades, although I'm trying to improve my working:broken/unfinished ratio :? .


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