Boss Micro BR+extras, Presonus firepod/ fp10

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Boss Micro BR+extras, Presonus firepod/ fp10

Post by mrufino1 » Sun Jan 25, 2009 3:28 pm

Boss Micro BR, in perfect shape, plus 1 gb sd card and ac adapter (not normally included when you buy the br). Original box and accessories except headphones (you wouldn't want used earbuds anyway I hope!). I use this to learn songs for gigs (can slow down songs without changing pitch as well), practice with the drum machine, and record scratch ideas for writing
$160 shipped to continental US, outside of US we can work out the shipping.


Next up, a presonus firepod, which has been upgraded to an fp10, in perfect shape for sale. Aside from very minor scratches from being in a rack, it is in perfect shape. If you are doing linux audio this is a great unit, works right out of the box. Of course, windows and mac are also no problem. I don't have the original box, but I will pack it well. $300 shipped to continental US.

My car died on the way home from a gig last night and I need to raise some cash...Thanks for looking.

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