Mecor (pre-api) GME 20 EQ's racked and ready to rock!

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Mecor (pre-api) GME 20 EQ's racked and ready to rock!

Post by jrepro » Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:56 pm

I have a pair of Melcor GME-20 EQ's that are racked with an internal power supply that I think I might let go. These are basically two-band versions of the later API-550 Eq's. They also have a high and low pass filter. These are in great working order. The rack they are in was re-used from another project so there might be extra holes in the back. But the faceplate and front look good. 1RU rack. These modules were going for about $450 each, plus the rack and power supply. Trade value is somewhere around $1000-ish.. (PS Melcor engineers took these designs as well as the 312 preamp design and opened API. For all practical and sound purposes, these are API EQ's with API transformers etc). They have that same familar sound.

Looking for a few things:

Fender Blackface or early silverfaced amps (w/reverb)
Rivera Chubster 55
Marshal head (50 watts or less) or a 18 watt combo.
JBL D120F's x2
2x12 cab
Celestion Gold or blue's x2
Mic Preamps: single or dual channel. UREI LA610, Pacifica, Neve 1272 etc.
Mackie 808
Powered PA speakers (JBL, Mackie, OSC)
LA2a type comp
LA3a compressor

Other ideas?

I'll have to get good pictures of the unit here in the next few days.


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