FS: Ampex Tube Pre, Magnecorder Pre

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FS: Ampex Tube Pre, Magnecorder Pre

Post by UXB » Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:12 pm

Hello All,
I am purging, and am being forced to sell some cool kit (at a big loss):
Prices do not include shipping, but will only charge actual cost.
Items in San Francisco. Tube gear to be professionally packed by UPS for the obvious reasons.

Please pm if you're interested.



Ampex PR-10 $250 tape front end converted to a pre by Rance in Oakland.
This is a sweet pre, and has had the recording electronics bypassed to lower the noise floor. New tubes and gone through, lots of gain. There is no phantom power built in, and the power switch has also been bypassed for noise reasons. Comes with original ampex docs. It has some self noise when cranked (I'm guessing 80+ db of gain). The sound is very clean and even with a silky texture, not "toob", but really hifi.

Frontier Tranzport - Sold

Magnecorder $200 front end tube pre/power amp. (pictures pending). This is a cool box - it is a tube pre front end AND a 6v6 power amp in one box. It was gone through by Michael Gore, but has a bit of self noise, and tons of gain.


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