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Ilok, Smack LE, BNR LE- cheap

Posted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 2:34 pm
by mrufino1
I have an empty ilok for sale (it will be empty tonight), and it is in a protective case I made so it can't break, has a 2 ft. USB cable. $30 shipped in US, international is fine but I will need to charge actual shipping ($30 plus actual shipping). Thanks.

When I synced the ilok tonight, I discovered that the licenses for Smack LE and BNR LE are on the ilok currently. They cannot be transferred to another account without the transfer fee (including if you bought the ilok to register to your own account), but if you want them and want to pay the transfer fee, you can have them ($25 each license). If you want to avoid the transfer fee, I can just give you my ilok account with the information, besides the username, changed to your info. I am not going to be using anything with ilok ever again so I won't need my account.

So if you want the ilok and want your own, new account, I will just remove the 2 licenses and then it will be empty and you can have it.

Here is a picture of the ilok in its case


I am moving to only open source software now. Paypal is good, PM if you need anything.