FSFT:Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24x8x2 + Mackie Onyx 1220 FW

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FSFT:Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24x8x2 + Mackie Onyx 1220 FW

Post by Crocoduck5000 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:34 pm

I have for sale or for trade in the central valley / bay area a 1991 Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24x8x2 and a Mackie Onyx 1220 Mixer w/ Firewire option.

Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24x8x2 $650 or trade
It has 24 mic inputs with 48v power on each
24 selectable line inputs
Tape Sends and Tape Returns for every channel
4-band British EQ with 2 sweepable mid frequencies
4 Aux channels
2 Fold Back channels for headphone mixes
8 sub-groups
16 audio level meters
All channels are fully modular and can be removed/replaced/upgraded/recapped
Comes with original power supply

PDF manual on Soundcraft's website
http://www.soundcraft.com/downloads/fet ... des&id=700

This board was used when I worked at a studio in college in the central valley. It was given to me as a gift when the main engineer there upgraded his board, and he gave it to me "as-is". I took the Soundcraft to Rainbow Electronics in Sacramento, CA (an authorized Soundcraft repair shop) and they fully tested the board. Everything works and is perfectly clean EXCEPT the XLR jacks on channels 1 and 19 have issues if it isn't plugged in "right", but is avoidable is most situations. I have the receipt from Rainbow Electronics detailing their analysis of the board. I do not need this board as I am only a project musician, and while the preamps are very good, the weight, size, and portability of the board is beyond what I'm willing to deal with as I have been mixing ITB.

Mackie Onyx 1220 Analog Mixer with Firewire Card $450 or trade

From Mackie's website:
"-Premium 12-channel small-format analog mixer with all-new circuitry
-4 new ONYX mic preamps with sound comparable to boutique preamps
-New 3-band Perkins EQ with sweepable mids on Mic/Line channels
-96kHz FireWire option card for streaming 14 independent channels of audio to -computer with near-zero latency
-2 channels of monitoring from computer via FireWire option card
-2 Aux sends w/ Pre/Post switches
-4 stereo line-level inputs
-Built-in Talkback section for use with internal or external mic
-True hardware EQ Bypass
-"Planet-Earth" switching power supply for worldwide use
-Individual 48v Phantom Power switches on all mic inputs
-60mm Logarithmic Taper faders for smooth, linear fades
-Balanced direct outs for every channel via DB-25 connections
-Selectable Instrument inputs on first two channels-no DI box needed"

This has been used with my audio interface / analog mixer for the past two years or so, and has served me well as a studio musician. The Onyx preamps were a huge upgrade from my previous interface (Presonus Firepod...don't laugh
:? ) and my recordings have shown that. I also used it live in a band I'm in in combination with Apple's Mainstage as a synth player / vocalist. I was able to simultaneously run the analog mixer as well as the Firewire output of Mainstage in live situations. This mixer is extremely sturdy and has caused me absolutely no problems live or in my "studio" at home.


I will accept cash or trade offers. Here are some of the items (give or take) I am willing to trade for (in combination with cash is okay):

-Apogee Duet Audio Interface
-Shure dynamics (I cannot tell you how many have been stolen from me! Sm57, --SM58, etc)
-An Oktava MC/MK012 pair with capsules
-Michael Joly modded mics (LDCs or overhead pairs, 603s, Oktava, etc)
-Audio Technica LDCs
-Ampeg Bass Heads / Cabinets
-Acoustic Guitars! I prefer small-bodied guitars for fingerpicking, think USA-made Baby Martin, Baby Taylor, etc.

I prefer pick-up, but I can deliver as well to the Bay Area, and most of northern California. My best friend lives in Ashland, OR, and I have been meaning to make a weekend trip up there too, so if anyone from Oregon is willing to meet there I am willing to make the drive!

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