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Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:04 am
by DGoody
Selling one of my beloved Omnipressors. I love these things, but frankly there is no reason to have a pair. They do what they do, and if you know them, you know the story. There is absolutely nothing like a hardware Omnipressor. The plugin is good and quirky, but is not the same as these hardware units.

The meter is taken off the unit, but it is included, and it's all there, I just never hooked it back up. The meter is not all that useful on these anyway, so I never bothered.

Otherwise, it's working great, doing the things it's good at doing. Some rack rash and light scratches, but all buttons and lights work. I did have my tech replace some coupling caps. It quieted down the output noise, and cleaned it up a little - more like a new unit.

I'm looking to get $1000, but willing to hear offers. Price includes shipping to continental US only, and I'll eat PP fees. Unit is in Woodstock, NY.