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FS/FA: Hamptone HVTP2 tube mic/line pre w/step attenuators

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:37 pm
by AnalogElectric
Selling my Hamptone HVTP2 dual mic/line pre w/step attenuators for $900 on eBay. I'm willing to sell it here for a good home as well, for $850. Paypal payment only.

I don't record anymore and it KILLS me to sell this but it really needs to be used in a recording environment as opposed to being a museum piece on my shelf these days.

My reputation here is stellar. I'll even send it for free (via FedEx Express 2nd Day) to anywhere within the USA only.

You can find my auction on eBay for more info, if desired, under the account analogelectric; or just look up the Hamptone mic pre and you'll see it :)

Questions? Let me know!

Adam "Lazlo" Rutkowski

I'll take it...

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 10:35 am
by 48trx
Hi - I tried to offer you $850 on your ebay site and the offer was declined. So I'll offer it here.

Please let me know quickly.
It'll have a good home here....

Chris Mickle
chrismickle at q dot com

Re: I'll take it...

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:50 am
by AnalogElectric
48trx wrote:Hi - I tried to offer you $850 on your ebay site and the offer was declined. So I'll offer it here.

Please let me know quickly.
It'll have a good home here....

Chris Mickle
chrismickle at q dot com
Try it again, I lowered the best offer to support the $850. I'll hold out for your bid :)

--Adam Lazlo

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2010 7:21 pm
by AnalogElectric
SOLD! Have a great time with it, Chris, it served me very well!

Adam Lazlo


Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 11:38 am
by 48trx
Hi Adam - sorry for the delay in getting back with you.

We've been pretty busy here and the Hamptone has been in use since you OVERNIGHTED IT to us!

We spent some considerable time up front evaluating the Hamptone, using Angie's Hardys - which we consider our most 'clinical standard' here for eval... as well as some vintage Altecs. I also have a Grace in my m904 monitor unit but that's upstairs in my edit area. I'll pull it for a more detailed analysis and that will be our standard next time. But what we had handy was a fun eye-opener for a quick look.

The first tests were vocals and we were surprised to our ears there was little difference between the Hamptone and the Hardy. We had both expected to have some obvious tube flavor, but we didn't notice that. When we drove the unit hard enough to pick up some of that, there was just a tiny bit more fringe distortion than we liked...

Next thing was acoustic guitars - man what a difference! It brought back memories of when I'd yank out the 4558s from my recording gear in '79 and '80 and replace them with 072s. The difference between the Hamptone and the hardy was similar to that 'open-the-curtains' sense, though more subtle.

How surprising that the big difference was not in a 'flavor' as much as it was in a big step up in openess and depth (richness) from the Hardy 'standard' precision....kind of a wonderful head-scratching moment.

Didn't get to the bass yet but we did a detailed comparison on an electric session. We set up several matched 57s on the same two spkrs of my '64 Super and both a Les Paul and my '62 Strat, and also ran DI lines into the Hamptone DI and a Countryman into a Hardy.

We ran the 57s into a Hamptone pre, a Hardy pre, and just for grins, into an Altec 1591a and an Altec 1566 tube pre.

The difference between the Hamptone in both the DI and mic pre was similarly remarkable in the 'richness, roundness and extended detail' of the Hamptone verses the 'clinical' of the Hardy. Again, not so much a coloration or flavor than a 'better' of what we are used to with the Hardy. And again, really surprising to us. The Hardys' tracks seemed to be 'dry' compared to the Hamptone.

Naturally, a well designed tube circuit should be able to sonically come close to a well designed solid state....but be 'better' in the same way??

Naturally, as usual, we got all the 'flavor' we could use out of the Altecs and that iron....and then some.

But as much as all of this matters, what matters more to us here is that you took the initiative to overnight the unit to us at your own expense, just to help us get the unit into a session. That was a step above what we're used to dealing with and you're at the top of our list here. Sorry we could not have met earlier when you still had more of your gear up. It's a pleasure knowing you and hope to stay in touch.

All the best,
Chris Mickle