Instrument cables and digital cables

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Instrument cables and digital cables

Post by centurymantra » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:16 am

I have a number of TS-TS instrument cables available:

(2) Planet Waves 30 ft. - $12
(1) Quantum Audio Designs black 10 ft. ? $9
(1) Quantum Audio Designs purple 20? ? $10
(1) Planet Waves 20 ft. ? $10
(1) Quantum Audio Designs purple 10? ? $9

These cables are all in excellent condition with little to no wear, having only seen studio use. The Quantum Audio stuff is a smaller company, but make really nice cables ? good shielded OFC copper with solid, quality spring loaded connectors. I can throw in shipping charges if you buy more than one and would love to make a deal on the whole lot.

I also have a variety of digital cables available:

2m Audioquest Optilink-A toslink; $15 shipped
2m Audioquest VDM-X Coaxial cable; $20 shipped

I also have two 8-9 foot glass toslink cables, which seem to be a generic brand. I bought these a few years ago based on their ?audiophile recommended? status from, if I recall correctly, a company called Sound Professionals. Cheap, but made of quality stuff; $15/ea. Shipped

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