WTB: Altec Lansing 1591 Pre Amp/Compressor or similar

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WTB: Altec Lansing 1591 Pre Amp/Compressor or similar

Post by Lukas » Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:15 pm

Hey there, I guess this is my first lengthy post on this forum. I'm definitely not new to this place, as I've been gleaning information from you guys and the people on gearslutzs for sometime now. I would like to thank everyone who makes the internet a better place for clueless people like me! Thanks!

So, I've been looking for an interesting preamp, and the 1591 caught my eye, with it's 90 db of gain. I understand they need to be recapped and certain things need to be changed to lower the noise to signal ratio. I was wondering if anyone has one lying around and would like to give it a good home? I would love it so! As well, if anyone has a similar piece of gear that I would probably like - let me know!

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