(2) Shure A15LA line to mic adaptors/50 db attenuators

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(2) Shure A15LA line to mic adaptors/50 db attenuators

Post by centurymantra » Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:15 am

I have a pair of Shure A15LA line to mic input adaptors up for sale. These are pretty handy devices. From the Shure website:

The Shure A15LA 50 dB attenuator reduces the level of an audio signal by 50dB. This allows a line level output such as an aux level output from a mixer or playback device, to be connected to a microphone input on another mixer or recorder. Female XLR to Male XLR. The A15LA can be used with either balanced or unbalanced sources.

They are both in excellent condition and received light use in my studio.

Looking to get $25/pc. including shipping to the CONUS for these. I'll sell the pair for $45, shipping included.

Thanks for looking!


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