Scam Alert*

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Scam Alert*

Post by Harry » Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:28 am

I posted a couple of WTB things a week or so ago and got this troll responding to both posts.
----------- copy and paste from my tape op inbox------------------

Inbox :: Message
From: 2E1DHL
To: Harry
Posted: Wed 19.10.11, 2:04 pm
Subject: WTB TRS to XLR insert cables (x2)
Good day how are you doing still interested,I have it and still in
good working condition and in perfect order. Good price is accepted,if
you are interested in buying from me. Let me know your price as well
as the your shipping contact address for shipping to your home. I will
need your email address so that i can forward you pictures and
details+price once i hear from you. Thanks and hope to hearfrom you

regargC/ Camilo Castilla n?5 -1? izq. C.P. 31591
Corella ( Navarra ) Spain,

Contact me on

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Post by trodden » Thu Oct 20, 2011 2:48 pm

Yep. I got a very similiar email in regards to a WTB post as well. The sender was also based in Spain.

I started playing games with him and being completely ridiculous (was bored) which pissed him off and made it even more aware he was a scammer.

I paypal'ed the account he provided a total of .01 just to mess with him more..and the actual owner of the account contacted me and warned me of a scammer using his account or something???

The first red flag was when he didn't even specify which object he had available out of the two I posted a WTB.

the second red flag was when he said he'd sell me a Bill Smith poly evolver for $500.

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Post by idylldon » Fri Oct 21, 2011 9:26 pm

This clown has contacted me twice about a WTB ad I have running. I just ignored him.


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Post by LAstudio » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:31 pm

Thanks for the heads up.

These are pretty funny. Today I got an offer on a guitar amp I'm selling... an oceanographer "at sea" who is interested in buying, sight unseen, an $800 guitar amp head for his son's birthday. After I responded to an inquiry from someone named "Corey Veres" about whether it's still for sale, I then get a reply email from someone named "Judah." Uh huh... yeah...
Thanks for the prompt response.. I am ready to buy it now for birthday gift for my son and i am at sea at the moment as i am an oceanographer and due to the nature of my work, phone calls making and visiting of website are restricted but i squeezed out time to check this advert and send you an email regarding it. I really want it to be a surprise for my son so i wont let him know anything about it until it gets delivered to him, i am sure he will be more than happy with it. I insisted on paypal because i don't have access to my bank account online as i don't have internet banking, but i can pay from my paypal account, as i have my bank a/c attached to it, i will need you to give me your paypal email address and the price so i can make the payment asap for it and pls if you don't have paypal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go to and get it set up, after you have set it up with paypal so as to put the money through.
I have a pick up agent that will come and pick it up after i have made the payment.
Why is there usually some sort of "pick up agent" involved? :lol:

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