Yamaha PM1000 Recap / Neve EQ Mod Kits Available

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Yamaha PM1000 Recap / Neve EQ Mod Kits Available

Post by tubetapexfmr » Thu May 31, 2012 11:14 pm

I've got a couple of extra recap kits that I have left from a recap / mod of some Yamaha PM1000 Pre+EQ channel strips. These recap kits really improve the sound of the PM1000 and wake up the clarity and tone. High and low end response are deeper and the soundstage is bigger: just a HUGE overall sonic improvement with the largest cap values that will fit. The kits have Wima MKS film caps to replace the Tantalums and Nichicon UKT Audio series caps to replace the electrolytics. I ALSO am including enough film bypass caps to install across all electrolytics as well. The EQ mod changes the bands to more closely match the EQ from the Neve 1073 Pre+EQ module. I will include pictures, a diagram and a chart of exactly which old parts are replaced with which new and upgraded parts. I have 8 of these kits left. They won't last long. $49 each shipped in the US, $10 extra for shipping to the rest of the world.

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