LISSON GROVE R-124 compressor

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LISSON GROVE R-124 compressor

Post by silver sonya » Sat Jun 09, 2012 1:23 pm

Selling a Lisson Grove R-124 limiter. $3.1K takes it.

It is gorgeous and feels almost more like a golden, flowing line amp than a compressor. Everything you put into it sounds more integrated and handsome. Difficult to describe. It's a very pleasant sensation.

Endorsed by Nigel Godrich, Michael Brauer, and yours truly. And used by Tucker Martine and Danger Mouse.

They call it "the Beatles compressor," but that suggests you're going to suddenly write a melody as brilliant as "She Said, She Said." You're not. But if you did, you'd want to use this in the mix.

Write to me at chad at beautypill dot com.


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